Ferry info/road info

Passenger ferry

The ferry leaves every Sunday from Aswan and takes around 18 – 24 hours to reach Wadi Halfa.

  • Please call me for latest prices

Please note that you also need to pay 40 Egyptian pounds per person to enter the port.

Car shipping

Two different kinds of barge are running:

  • Regular barge  – the barge usually leaves Aswan on a Saturday or Sunday and arrives in Wadi Halfa on a Tuesday.  The barge leaves Wadi Halfa on a Monday or Tuesday and arrives in Aswan on a Wednesday or Thursday.
  • A big barge that you have to rent – this costs a minimum of 25,000 Egyptian pounds shared between the participants (capacity around 8 cars). This barge can depart on any day except a Friday. All prices quoted are subject to change.

The regular barge doesn’t run when the level of Lake Nasser is too low. This usually happens from May to August.

By road:

It is now possible to go by road from Aswan to Wadi Halfa and vice versa. This is cheaper than using the barge and departure dates are more flexible. It is necessary to spend one night in Abu Simbel. The same paperwork is required. I am very happy to help people arrange this road trip.


A few papers have to be completed before loading the car on the barge or going by road. These include those for the traffic court, traffic police, ticket office and customs. It usually takes between one and three days depending on your day of arrival in Aswan. Please contact us for details of fees for assistance with arrangements/paperwork.


I can assist with obtaining an Egyptian carnet – please contact me for details at least 2 weeks before you plan to arrive in Aswan.


It is essential to obtain a visa for Sudan – it is strongly advised that you obtain this in Cairo as it can be problematic in Aswan.  Without a visa you will not be able to purchase a ticket for the ferry. If you are travelling from Sudan to Egypt visas for Egypt can be obtained at the port when you arrive.


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