Classic tour – Nubian history in the Nile Valley

From about 25,000 to 8,000 years ago the environment gradually evolved to its present state. From this stage several very early settlement sites have been identified at the Second Cataract, near the Egyptian – Sudan border. Near Wadi Halfa, Sudan,  a number of bodies that had suffered violent deaths and were found buried in a mass grave. This suggests that people , even 10,000 years ago, had begun to compete with each other for resources and were willing to kill each other to control them.

Traditionally in Nubian society a man left all his property not to his own sons but to his sister’s eldest son. This explains why, in ancient times, the Nubian throne so often passed to the kings nephew. As the Arabs increasingly intermarried  with the Nubian women all property in time passed into the hands of the Arabs, who left all their property to their own sons. Because the Arabs became dominant both socially and politically, their children began to identify exclusively with their Arab ancestors whilst ignoring or suppressing knowledge of their pre-Islamic Nubian ancestors.

10 day programme in Nubian Valley:

Day 1: Arrive Cairo and transfer to hotel

Day 2: Sightseeing in Cairo (pyramids/sphinx). Overnight sleeper train to Aswan

Day 3: Arrive Aswan . Sightseeing In Nubian village and in Aswan (Obelisk, Philae Temple). Overnight in Nubian village.

Day 4: Free day in Nubian village. Overnight in Nubian village.

Day 5: Felucca sailing with full board – overnight on felucca

Day 6: Felucca sailing with full board – overnight on felucca

Day 7: After breakfast visit Kom Ombo temple and Edfu temple. Transfer to hotel in Luxor

Day 8: Sightseeing in Luxor (West bank – including Valley of the KIngs and Hutshbsot). Overnight in Luxor hotel

Day 9: Free day in Luxor then sleeper train to Cairo

Day 10: Arrive Cairo. Transfer to airport.

Total cost 760 Euros per person

Tips: In Egypt it is customary to tip for all services. We recommend that you budget about 4 euros per day for tips.

Optional tours:

Guided tour in old Cairo 35 Euros

Dinner cruise with folklore on the Nile 30 Euros

Sound and light show Philae temple 35 Euros

Abu Simbel temple 55 Euros

Sound and light show Karnak 55 Euros

Nubian Dinner in Village 12 Euros


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